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June 19-21, 2012
Signature Center
451 Hills St.
Richland, WA. 99352

The calendar year 2012 marks the 25th anniversary of the first publication on an underground experimental search for cold dark matter (S.P. Ahlen et al. 1987. Physics Letters B 195, 603-608).

The symposium will host distinguished speakers in the field of dark matter research providing an overview of the research to date and an outlook for future investigations.

PNNL is hosting this special celebratory symposium on dark matter to recognize both the advancements in the field and the involvement of the late Ron L. Brodzinski, PNNL Laboratory Fellow, in the seminal work.

Program Committee:

Frank Avignone U. South Carolina (Chair)
Graciela Gelmini UCLA
Katherine Freese U. Michigan
Hamish Robertson U. Washington
Bernard Sadoulet UC Berkeley
Rick Gaitskell Brown University
David Cline UCLA
Leo Stodolsky MPIP
Hiro Ejiri Osaka University
Nigel Smith SNOLab
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Dark Matter Jubilee 2012

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