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June 6 - 10, 2016
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richland, WA, USA


The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is pleased to host the 11th edition of the International Workshop on Heavy Quarkonium from June 6-10, 2016. This workshop is the premier opportunity for experimentalists and theorists to gather to discuss topics related to quarkonium physics. The past 15 years has seen a major renaissance in this field, with the discovery and further understanding of many conventional quarkonium and new multi-quark states. This workshop will feature the latest results from Run II at the LHC and ongoing/past e+e- collider experiments, planning for the next generation of experiments including Belle-II, PANDA, and others, and the most up-to-date theoretical developments.

Established in 1965 and located in Richland, WA, USA, PNNL is a US Department of Energy national laboratory that focuses on fundamental science, energy, environment, and national security.

QWG Convenors

  • Geoff Bodwin, ANL, USA
  • Nora Brambilla, TU Munich, Germany
  • Roberto Mussa, INFN Torino, Italy
  • Vaia Papadimitriou, FNAL, USA
  • Antonio Vairo, TU Munich, Germany

Subgroup Conveners [Theory / Experiment]

  • Spectroscopy [G.S. Bali, N. Brambilla, J. Soto / R. Mizuk, R. Mitchell, R. Mussa]
  • Decays [E. Eichten, A. Vairo / C. Patrignani, C.Z. Yuan]
  • Production [G. Bodwin, E. Braaten, J. Qiu / V. Kartvelishvili, V. Papadimitriou]
  • Standard Model Measurements [A. Kronfeld, A. Pineda / S. Eidelman]
  • Quarkonium in Media [P. Petreczky, R. Vogt / A.D. Frawley, E. Scomparin]
  • Beyond the Standard Model [A. Petrov, M.-A. Sanchis-Lozano / R. Briere]

Local Organizing Committee

  • David Asner, PNNL, USA
  • Melissa Bang, PNNL, USA
  • Alyssa Cummings, PNNL, USA
  • Jim Fast, PNNL, USA
  • Bryan Fulsom, PNNL, USA


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