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Multi-Omics 2017: Program and Speakers

Note sessions and topics are subject to change until the final program is released.

Agenda currently includes the following speakers:

•  Bruce Hungate, Northern Arizona University (keynote)
•  Rob Knight, University of California – San Diego (keynote)
•  Theodore Alexandrov, European Molecular Biology Laboratory
•  Erin Baker, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
•  Emily Balskus, Harvard University
•  Richard Bonneau, New York University
•  Lisa Bramer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
•  Dan Buckley, Cornell University
•  Patrick Chain, Los Alamos National Laboratory
•  Kristen DeAngelis, University of Massachusetts
•  Sonya Dyhrman, Columbia University
•  Emiley Eloe-Fadrosh, Joint Genome Institute
•  Karen Guillemin, University of Oregon
•  Steven Hallam, Life Sciences Institute
•  Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown, Arizona State University
•  David Myrold, Oregon State University
•  Ljiljana Paša-Tolić, Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory
•  Nathan Price, Institute for Systems Biology
•  Katharina Riedel, University of Greifswald
•  Ramunas Stepanauskas, Bigelow Laboratory
•  Malak Tfaily, Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory
•  Martin von Bergen, Helmholtz Center
•  Michael Wilkins, The Ohio State University
•  Paul Wilmes, University of Luxembourg

Please check back soon for more details!

There are currently no events scheduled.

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