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ICRM-LLRMT2016: Topics

The measurement of low-levels of radioactivity in a variety of settings is of tremendous importance to scientists seeking to solve today’s mysteries and challenges. The field of low-level radioactivity measurements is often said to have commenced with Willard Libby's measurements of carbon-14, which is an excellent example of how fundamental developments in one branch of science generate tremendous impact in another branch. Increased availability to the technology of measuring minute quantities of radioactivity is beginning to have an impact at a societal level and in decision-making processes and thus continue to constitute a nice example of technology transfer from fundamental physics to applied sciences. The ICRM Low-Level-Radioactivity Measurement Techniques (LLRMT) conference, held every four years, is endorsed by the International Committee for Radionuclide Metrology (ICRM) and brings together scientists from all over the world to work on such topics as the development of low-background techniques, environmental monitoring, environmental science, and treaty verification and much more. The focus is on quantifying low-level radionuclide signatures in the environment, and national metrology labs from around the world are particularly well represented. Topics include, but are not limited to low-level* aspects of the following:

Radiochemical Techniques

Fission Products, Actinides, Activation Products, Long-Lived Radionuclides, Rapid Methods


NORM, Decommissioning, Bioassay, Food Safety, Safeguards, Remediation, Emergency Response, Nuclear Forensics, Waste Management, Support Measurements for Astroparticle Physics, etc.


α-Particle Spectrometry, Liquid Scintillation Counting, ‘Conventional’ and Ultra-Low–Level γ-Ray Spectrometry, Other Radiometric Techniques

Non-radiometric Measurements

Mass Spectrometry - ICP, Thermal Ionization, Accelerator Based, Neutron Activation

Radioactive Noble Gases

Including the decay products of radon isotopes


Traceability, Reference Materials, Proficiency Tests, Intercomparisons, Quality Assurance

Special Topics

*Low-level radioactivity measurements generally deals with measurements of activity at Bq, or rather mBq-levels, or with techniques to pre-concentrate radionuclides such that extremely small concentrations (e.g. microBq/kg or lower) can be measured.

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