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G2 Dark Matter Backgrounds Meeting 2015

March 16-17, 2015
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richland, Washington

The DOE Office of High Energy Physics and the NSF Physics Division charge the LZ and SuperCDMS-SNOLAB collaborations to organize a closed workshop on the radiopurity requirements and resources of their two experiments.  This workshop is to be held at Pacific Northwest National Lab on March 16-17, 2015.

There are two primary objectives for this workshop.   First, the meeting will provide the two collaborations with an opportunity for frank and open exchanges of information on their respective low-background needs, resources and unresolved issues. Second, the meeting will provide the funding agencies with a detailed overview of the radiopurity requirements of the two experiments along with plans to meet those requirements. This information will assist the agencies in possible future actions to help ensure that achievement of the science goals will not limited by backgrounds.
Specific workshop elements include:
  1. Description of the plans to achieve the radiopurity levels required for project success, including risk tables and mitigation strategies.  Description of Monte Carlo simulations may be included.
  2. Assessment of the adequacy of LZ and SuperCDMS resources for radiopurity screening and radio-contamination suppression.
  3. Identification of areas of cooperation between the two projects so as to optimize the use of resources.
Attendance will be limited to representatives of the collaborations, DOE and NSF program managers, and selected outside persons with expertise in low-background techniques.


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G2 Dark Matter Backgrounds Meeting 2015