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Beyond Lithium Ion IX

Beyond Lithium Ion IX
May 24-26, 2016
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richland, Washington

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The 9th symposium on energy storage Beyond Li-ion (BLI-IX) will be hosted by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory May 24-26, 2016. This meeting is one of a successive series of symposiums organized by a consortium of IBM Research and U.S. national laboratories including Argonne, Lawrence Berkeley, Pacific Northwest, Oak Ridge and National Renewable to bring together scientists and engineers focused on transformational advances in scalable energy storage.
At the BLI-IX, we will focus more on an emerging new area where batteries are expected to become ubiquitous; the electric grid. From stabilizing the aging infrastructure to solving the intermittency of renewable generation, batteries are expected to play a central role. However, present-day Li-ion batteries remain expensive, and may not possess the lifetimes or the safety characteristics required for all the various grid applications. These topics will form the basis of the discussions at BLI-IX. The main themes are as follows:
  • Reviewing groundbreaking technical progress
  • Exploring future directions
  • Understanding critical challenges impeding progress

Leading researchers and manufacturers will discuss critically necessary materials, diagnostics, scaling, and manufacturing issues associated with better performing energy storage devices. Through this open format dialogue, the organizers aim to accelerate innovation, reduce costs, and improve the safety of advanced, electrochemical energy storage concepts and systems "beyond lithium ion." These symposiums have attracted a broad range of experts in this field from various countries around the world.


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