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BLI IX: Agenda


Download a PDF copy of the BLI IX Agenda

Day 1 – May 24, 2016
Session I: The Future of the Electric Grid and the Role of Storage (Chair: Venkat Srinivasan)
7:30 amRegistration | Breakfast
9:00 amWelcome (15 mins, Jun Liu, Venkat Srinivasan, Jason Zhang, Jud Virden)
9:15 amPNNL Lab Director Remarks (15 mins)Steve Ashby, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
9:30 amKeynote Address:  DOE's Grid Modernization Initiative (45 mins)Patricia Hoffman, DOE Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability
10:15 amBREAK (20 mins)
10:35 amThe Future of the Electric Grid and the Role of Storage (30 mins)Brittany Westlake, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
11:05 amLeveraging Stacked Use Cases for Maximum Benefit of Grid Scale Energy Storage in Pullman, WA (30 mins)Curt Kirkeby, Avista Utilities
11:35 amEnergy Storage Systems and Controls for a Distributed Grid and the Future Energy Internet (30 minutes)John Lemmon, National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy
12:05 pmLUNCH (90 mins)
Session II: Status of Today's Technology (Chair: Jun Liu/Jason Zhang)
1:35 pmFrom Molecules to MWs – Experience and Progress in Commercializing New Generation VRFB (30 minutes)Gary Yang, UniEnergy Technologies
2:05 pmRecent development of contemporary sodium sulfur batteries (tubular and planar) for grid scale electricity storage (30 minutes)Keeyoung Jung, Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology (RIST)
2:35 pmCAS progresses on next generation lithium batteries (30 minutes)Hong Li, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
3:05 pmBREAK (20 minutes)
3:25 pmEnergy density limit of lithium ion batteries (30 minutes)Sujeet Kumar, Envia Systems
3:55 pmHigh energy supercapacitors (30 minutes)Jim Zheng, Florida State University
4:25 pmAdvanced and Hybrid Lead-acid performance in stationary storage applications (30 minutes)Summer Ferrerira, Sandia National Lab
4:55 pmAdjourn
Day 2 – May 25, 2016
Session III: Solid State Batteries Part I (Chair: Sreekanth Pannala, Chunmei Ben)
7:45 amBreakfast
8:30 amMultiple approaches to enable Li metal anode: from nanoscale to electrolyte design (30 minutes)Yi Cui, Stanford University
9:00 amSolid Electrolytes and Next Generation Rechargeable Lithium Metal Batteries (30 minutes)Jitendra Kumar, University of Dayton Research Institute
9:30 amSolid-state electrolytes enabling beyond Li-ion cell chemistries (30 minutes)Jeff Sakamoto, University of Michigan
10:00 amBREAK (20 minutes)
10:20 am Solid State Electrolyte Membrane Facilitated by a Self-Healing Polymer (30 minutes)Sehee Lee, University of Colorado Boulder
10:50 amRecent Advances on Garnet LLZO Solid Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries (30 minutes)Marca Doeff, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
11:20 amPolymer-Inorganic Composite Ion Conductors for Lithium Ion Batteries (30 minutes)Dee Strand, WildCat Technologies
11:50 amLunch (90 minutes)
Session IV: Emerging Technologies (Chair: Raymond Bair, Winfried Wilcke)
1:20 pmPoly-ionic Aqueous Electrolyte Batteries: Degradation Mechanisms and Methods for Increasing Stability (30 minutes)Jay Whitacre, Carnegie Mellon University
1:50 pmDivalent ion chemistry for energy storage: Mg and Zn (30 minutes)Yuyan Shao, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2:20 pmNitrogen: An Energy Storage Medium for the Electric Grid (30 minutes)Gabriel Veith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2:50 pmNegotiating with batteries, or, hidden in plain site (30 minutes)Dan Steingart, Princeton University
3:20 pmAdjourn for Poster Session
Day 3 – May 26, 2016
Session V: Flow Batteries for Long Duration Storage (Chair: Jagjit Nanda, Vince Sprenkle)
7:45 amBreakfast
8:30 amMaterials selection and chemistry development for novel redox flow batteries (30 minutes)Wei Wang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
9:00 amRedox flow batteries based on aqueous-soluble organics (30 minutes)Michael Aziz, Harvard University
9:30 amRecent Progress and Challenges of the Iron Flow Battery for Large Scale Energy Storage (30 minutes)Jesse Wainright, Case Western Reserve University
10:00 amVersatile Electrochemical Approaches for Redox Active Polymer Flow Batteries (30 minutesJoaquin Rodriquez-Lopez, University of Illinois
10:30 amBreak (20 mins)
Session VI: Solid State Batteries Part II (Chair: Lynn Trahey)
10:50 amImproving electrolyte design for Li-air batteries (30 minutes)Bryan McCloskey, UC. Berkeley, Liox Power Inc.
11:20 amGraphene-based Scaffolds as Protective Membranes for Li Metal Anodes (30 minutes)Kevin Zavadil, Sandia National Laboratory, EaglePicher Technologies
11:50 amSulfur Electrochemistry in a Sparingly Soluble Electrolyte (30 minutes)Mali Balasubramanian, Argonne National Lab
12:20 pmLunch (40 minutes)
1:00 pmBreak into groups for the optional tours and walk to facilities
1:15 pmBegin optional tours:
  • Advanced Battery Facility: Flow Scale up Demonstration Lab and Battery Material Development Lab
  • Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory:  X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
2:45 pmTravel to the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory, a national facility for gravitational-wave research
3:15 pmLaser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) Tour
4:45 pmDepart LIGO and return to PNNL, arriving at about 5:15 pm


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