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ASCI 2016: Directions

Venue - Location

Boise State University is Idaho’s largest university and its fastest-growing research enterprise. Boise State recently joined a consortium of research universities including Purdue, Rice, Georgia Tech, University of Michigan and Texas A&M in a $5 million foundation-funded effort to create long term, hands-on applied research projects that will ensure undergraduate and graduate students get unprecedented experience tackling real-life problems in real time.

The workshop will take place in the Double R Ranch Club Room - the Stueckle Sky Center’s grandest venue for meetings which offers views from three points on the compass, each more stunning than the other.  Without question, the Double R Ranch Club has the best view of Boise in the Treasure Valley! (see maps which include where to park at the Stueckle Sky Center).

Printable Maps available as a .pdf file.

There are currently no events scheduled.