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The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Workshop on Detector Arrays is a special event for the international physics community on May 24-25, 2012. The aim of this workshop is to identify key detector array capabilities necessary to support nuclear science experiments that do not currently exist but, could realistically be developed in today's economic climate.

The workshop will introduce and discuss novel theoretical and applied research focused on (the many) different aspects of detector arrays for nuclear science. Distinguished speakers in the field of detector array research will provide a current snapshot of the field and their outlook for future investigations.

In addition to keynote speakers, presentations, discussions, and a reception, the workshop program will include the following:

  • Overviews of scientific efforts and facilities requiring detector arrays
  • Review of state of the art detector arrays
  • Assessment of current and future detector array needs, and identifying upcoming scientific opportunities
  • Tours of the PNNL campus, demonstrations of detector systems, and a tour of the LIGO Laboratory located north of PNNL at the Hanford reservation.

Whether you are an industry expert or a researcher interested in the challenges and opportunities associated with detector arrays, you are encouraged to attend and learn more about the capabilities, expertise, and science to be presented at this important two-day event.

If you are media and plan on attending, please contact Geoff Harvey (509) 372-6083

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May 24-25, 2012
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
EMSL Auditorium
3335 Q Avenue
Richland, Washington 99352