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GCAM Community Modeling Meeting

The GCAM Community Modeling Meeting has Reached Max Capacity and is No Longer Accepting Registrations
November 7-9, 2017
The Joint Global Change Research Institute
College Park, Md

The GCAM Community Modeling Workshop and Training will allow attendees from the GCAM Community to discuss a range of emerging research and new developments including both current and future applications of the GCAM Model. Participants will deliberate over the model and past work on integrated analyses at the interface of human, energy, and environmental systems and will exchange ideas for future work and collaborations. The workshop will serve as an in-depth opportunity to learn about using the model and will include an instructor lead overview and step-by-step instructions. Upon downloading the model, attendees will be given a hands-on training and a tutorial.  Additionally, interactive discussions are planned throughout the agenda to provide a platform for open discussion regarding the future of GCAM related research projects.  For those new to GCAM, this workshop continues to serve as an excellent in-depth opportunity to learn about the model.
On November 7th, the workshop will begin with discussions on current research activities and future developments across the GCAM community by engaging colleagues that are using the model in various areas of research. This will be followed by an overview, and tutorial, on November 8th, and conclude with hands-on training and assistance on November 9th.
About JGCRI: JGCRI was established in 1998 as a partnership between PNNL and the University of Maryland (UMD) in College Park, Maryland. JGCRI benefits from PNNL’s and UMD’s expertise and research facilities, as well as a broad range of national and international partnerships and collaborations.

JGCRI is known for its research, modeling and integrated analyses at the interface of human, energy, and environmental systems. JGCRI is a global leader in the interdisciplinary field of integrated assessment of global change. The Global Change Assessment Model (GCAM), at the core of JGCRI’s integrated capabilities, is a global integrated assessment model that includes both comprehensive and detailed representation of human systems that drive or are affected by global environmental change. JGCRI research results are used widely in reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the U.S. Global Change Research Program, U.S. Federal agencies, and leading think-tanks, private sector firms, and non-governmental organizations. Internships and fellowships at JGCRI provide training and research opportunities for a new generation of scientists.
PNNL researchers at JGCRI reside within the Earth and Biological Sciences Directorate of PNNL and the Division of Research at UMD. UMD researchers at JGCRI include students and professors from across the University of Maryland community.

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