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Distributed Wind Workshop

Jacobs Service

March 2, 2017
8:00 am to 12:00 noon
Washington Marriott at Metro Center

In contrast to electricity generated at large wind farms, which is sent via transmission lines to distant end-users, distributed wind systems produce electricity consumed on site or locally by homes, farms, schools, businesses, military sites, and manufacturing facilities. Federal agencies may be unfamiliar with this expanded definition of distributed wind. This workshop will help facilitate a cohesive understanding and promotion of distributed wind from all federal agencies.

The objectives of this workshop are:

  • To educate federal agency staff members about distributed wind, specific wind-related issues of interest to the agencies, and the importance of deploying certified (proven technology) wind turbines.
  • To build relationships with federal agencies so PNNL can be a go-to resource for distributed wind questions in the future.

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Distributed Wind Workshop