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2017 PEUx3.5

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Registration Closed

Thank you for your interest in 2017 PEUx3.5. The maximum number of attendees has been reached and the registration has been closed.

The third annual Pink Elephant Unicorn (PEUx3.5) capture-the-flag competition will be held on Northeastern University Seattle campus on January 20 and January 21, 2017. Sure to be both fun and engaging this event is for anyone who is interested in learning more about cyber security regardless of skill or experience level.

3 Reasons to Capture-the-Flag

  1. Develop new skills. By solving cyber challenge puzzles and working from clue to clue, you will learn what makes a computer security system vulnerable, how attackers infiltrate even the most complex networks, and how to defend these systems.
  2. Collaborate and exchange knowledge. As a team, participants will work to capture the cyber flag, allowing participants to share knowledge and establish camaraderie as you work together to reach your goal. Teams will be formed on site, to balance novice and experienced players. Please note your experience level when registering and we would like to thank in advance any experienced participants who would like to mentor a team.
  3. Have fun. You are sure to make new friends and have a blast during this competition. Refreshments will be supplied to keep you energized, you will have the opportunity to try new tools, consult with subject matter experts, and navigate through challenging and stimulating cyber obstacles.

Please bring your own laptop. Check back as we will soon have a list of resources to get you setup and ready for competition.

Questions? Please see the FAQ page for additional information.


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