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GCAM Community Modeling Meeting: About GCAM

The GCAM Community Modeling Workshop and Training will allow attendees from the GCAM Community of practice and other interested researchers to share their experience, and to discuss emerging research and new developments including both current and future applications of the GCAM. Participants will gain a better understanding of how GCAM is used in a variety of projects at the interface of energy, economics and environment, including the choice of energy technologies and policies, and they will exchange ideas for future work and collaborations. The workshop will serve as an opportunity to learn about using GCAM and will include an instructor lead overview and step-by-step instructions on how to set up experiments, develop input and run the model-based experiments. Additionally, interactive discussions are planned throughout the workshop to provide a platform for open discussion regarding the future of GCAM related research and development projects.
GCAM Community
PNNL is committed to making the Global Change Assessment Model (GCAM) a community tool – expanding its user community and gradually opening the development of the model to this community. A range of users across the globe are now using and modifying GCAM for their individual research needs.
Listserv: To support the emerging community of GCAM users, we have created a GCAM Community Listserve. The listserve serves as a place for conversations among GCAM users. It also serves as a vehicle for raising questions about GCAM to which other members of the community or staff at the Joint Global Change Research Institute can respond. Finally, it serves as a means to make announcements about updates or changes to the model. To subscribe to the listserve with email, please send an email to with the email body: subscribe gcam-community . You can also go directly to the website for the listserv, which has all the functionality including posting at: You do not have to be registered to view the archive on the website.
Research with GCAM: Individual researchers within and without PNNL are welcome to make any changes they like for their own research interests. However, any revised version must be identified not as GCAM but as GCAM-xxxx. For example, the GCAM version that has been customized to India is referred to as GCAM-IIM (for India Institute of Management).


28-29 November, 2017



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10-14 December, 2017


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19-20 March, 2018



19-22 June, 2018

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GCAM Community Modeling Meeting