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38th Tritium Focus Group Meeting

Coming May 9-11, 2017
The Tritium Focus Group (TFG), is a long standing DOE Working Group, whose purpose is to promote cost-effective improvements in tritium safety, handling, transportation, storage, and operations, and to enhance communication across the Department of Energy (DOE) (inclusive of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)) on all matters related to tritium.  It was initially formed to develop corrective actions resulting from the DOE-wide assessment of tritium operations commissioned by Secretary Watkins in 1991, but had fallen into an inactive status for a number of years. Activities are organized by the two TFG Coordinators, Dave Babineau of SRNL and Bill Weaver of CNS.  The Meetings are held semi-annually alternating among the respective DOE locations in order to avoid excessive travel by any one group of members.
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